UFM Game Club

The UFM Game Club is all about Gaming & Gaming Technology.

Join in to play and unwind, meet friends, compete at tournaments, learn about or pursue a career in game development. Our members share an interest in the business and impact of gaming technology, as well as playing all sorts of games!


Game Lounge

Meet us at the UFM Game Lounge on our Discord group. In there, you'll be able to meet friends and start playing all sorts of games. Come play with us!


UFM E-SPORTS is now preparing to host game tournaments, award ceremonies, and special events. Join us on the Discord group to stay up-to-date!

Upcoming Tournaments

Coming Soon

Join the UFM E-SPORTS channel on Discord to stay up-to-date regarding upcoming tournaments.


UFM World @Minecraft

We are about to open up a Minecraft server for UFM students and faculty, and will be hosting it 24/7. In UFM World, you can build and create anything!

If you don't have the game, no worries, it's free! You only need to download the game and sign in with your UFM account. Join the channel for more details and get playing!